Sigma Kappa

Chapter Officers

Chapter Officers

Caitlyn Pitts


I knew Sigma Kappa was my home the first moment I spoke with my big. I came back the second day solely to talk to her and in the process I met so many other women that made me feel comfortable and like I could really be myself around them!

Katie Mendoza

Executive Vice-President

I knew Sigma Kappa was the perfect home for me on day one of recruitment. Everyone I spoke to was so sweet, and extremely genuine. You could really tell they were interested in what I had to say and the way I was feeling. It was a completely overwhelming feeling in the best way possible. Every day as a Sigma Kappa is a great one. I could not be more proud to be a part of this chapter and call SK my home.

Nancy Lopez

Vice President of Membership

I knew Sigma Kappa was a place I could call home when I got close to my sisters. I know I can count on them for anything I need. I feel comfortable being myself around them and they are truly my home away from home. They have made my college amazing and I am so thankful for them.

  • Major: Business Marketing
  • Year: Second

Vyvy Hoang

Vice President of Communications

I knew i wanted to call Sigma Kappa my home after day one of talking to the girls at informal recruitment, everyone was genuine and super friendly. That's also the reason why I came back day two and did not want to visit another house. I knew I was going to to fit in and grow a lot as a woman and leader. And that's exactly what I am doing! I love my chapter and I'm a die hard Sigma Kappa!

Tareena Tashae Woods

Vice President of New Member Education

I knew Sigma Kappa was the sorority I wanted to call home because I felt a genuine connection to each and every girl I talked to. I knew that the girls in Sigma Kappa would see me at my worst and have no judgement because my looks and appearance would not matter to them. Sigma Kappa made me comfortable and to me that was the most important thing it came to choosing who I wanted to spend my college years with.

  • Major: Film & Electronic Studies
  • Year: Second

Elaine Scenters-Zapico

Vice President of Alumnae Relations

I knew Sigma Kappa was my home when I could be goofy and hyper with girls I had just met! I really loved how genuine, confident, and happy everyone was. I felt like I could really be myself and loved how everyone shared the same values that I had.

  • Major: Psychology
  • Year: Second

Alex Esquivias

Vice President of Finance

I knew during pref night that Sigma Kappa would be my home away from home.

  • Major: Construction Engineering Management
  • Minor: Spanish
  • Year: Second

Jocelyn Velazquez

Vice President of Scholarship

I knew I could call Sigma Kappa my home after my pref night. I just loved every girl I met. They were so genuine and I felt like I had so much in common with every girl I talked too.

  • Major: Biomedical Engineering & Electrical Engineering
  • Year: Third
  • Email:

Rachel Davison

Panhellenic Delegate

I knew Sigma Kappa was my home when I opened my bid from SK. I started balling with excitement!

  • Major: Pre-nursing
  • Year: Second