Sigma Kappa

Letter from the Chapter

Letter from the Chapter

Dear Potential New Member, 

I remember my freshman year when I decided to go through Recruitment. I had never seen myself in a sorority, but my roommate in the dorms convinced me to sign up and give it a shot. I remember the nervousness and anticipation I felt. I understand what you may be feeling, and I want to assure you that it is all worth it. 

Sisterhood is the feeling of sunshine on a cloudy day. It’s the assurance that there is a group of women that have your back, and you have theirs. Sisterhood in Sigma Kappa is being surrounded by strong, empowering, and beautiful women who push you to become a better version of yourself every single day. 

I could not imagine my life without Sigma Kappa. Sigma Kappa has not just given me the most amazing friends, but it has given me a family that I know will be in my life forever. I have never felt more loved and supported by a group of friends than I do now. Here in Sigma Kappa, we value friendship, loyalty, service, and personal growth. We strive to uphold these values in our everyday life, and I am proud to say I have grown tremendously as a woman through the support and encouragement of my sisters. 

Transitioning into college can be tough. I moved over 400 miles away from home, and being apart from my family was more difficult than I could imagine. Going through Recruitment and becoming a part of Sigma Kappa gave me my home away from home. My sisters lit a spark in me that allowed me to become a more strong and confident woman. I have found the group of girls that I can dance with in my pajamas at 2am, the girls I can turn to when I need a shoulder to cry on, and the girls I can truly be myself around and will be accepted just the way I am. I have found my Big who inspires me everyday with her selflessness and I know I can count on her for anything. I have met my two beautiful Littles who push me to become a better version of myself and hype me up all day everyday. I have found the sisters who are there for me through thick and thin that I know I can always count on. Sigma Kappa has given me a voice, a family, and the best support system. 

I truly believe joining a sorority is one of the best decisions a collegiate woman can make, and I highly encourage giving it a chance. I am incredibly honored to be a Sigma Kappa woman. I am forever thankful to this organization for giving me the most amazing sisterhood and more. Sigma Kappa is home. 


Meaghan Guertin 

The Vice President of Membership (2022)